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Kamis, 30 November 2017

[English) Sport Event Management with RFID

rhodoy.com - Radio frequency identification system or known as RFID, is not a new technology that being widely used in sport event management. Not exactly in a way like that but in a similar way.

Sport Event Management with RFID

The technology being used in many kind of sport activity during a world tournament to help the judges or to help the operational. In terms of the sport rule, judges need to get a legitimate proof to be able to announce which athlete would come out as the winner, at the most precise way. How to get the data, the process is the one that keep up with the dynamic of technology. At the past there would be many people, human resources that needs to be judge per contestant or to take the function of check and balances since human error could not be avoided. But then the creation of technology that makes it possible to record a data through a chip, microchip, that working in a very simple way using tag and reader device, now to judge fairly and presented a solid proof to get one winner is no longer as something that debatable.

Once again the technology already being used widely like in golf, football, table tennis, running marathon and so on and so on.

The ability of the tech to streamline data, real time without delayed is the one that make the software popular and seen as something that could bring the sport event to the whole new level. How precise the device to measure the timing during an event competition per athlete is a proven. Because every tag contain an unique barcode that for the sensitive security like ID and credit cards information, already trusted and tested.

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